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About Melvil Dewey(1851-1931) all Question

Melvil Dewey

Question - Who first did the decimal notation for arranging books in the library?

Melvil Dewey

Question - What is the full name of Melvil Dewey?

Melvil Louis Kossuth Dewey (Melvil Louis Kosuth Davy)

Question - When was the birth of Melvil Dewey?

On December 10, 1851, New York, USA

Question - Melvil Dewey first worked as an assistant in which college?

Dmd invented in Amherst College and working on the same.

Question - How long did the secretary and president of Melvil Davy's American Library Association last long?

From 1876 to 1890, the Secretary remained in President ALA from 1890 to 1893.

Question - Who is the father of the library classification?

Melvil Dewey

Question - Who is the father of modern library classification?

Melvil Dewey
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Question - When was the Librarian of Melvil Davy Columbia College?

In 1883

Question: When and when did the world's first library be established?

Melvil Dewey was founded in 1887 by the name of the School of Library Economy, which is in the US city of New York.

Question: Who first used the library economy post?

Melvil Dewey

Question: When was the world's second library made?

In 1915

Q. What was the first magazine of Library Science and who started it?

Library General, Melvil Dewey

Question: Who was founded by Lake Placid Club Education Foundation?

Lake Placid Club Education Foundation was founded by Melvil Dewey. In 1895, Davey founded the Lech Place Club with his wife Annie. Melvil Dewey founded the Lake Placid Education Foundation, whose purpose was to develop and manage DDC. Who also started Lech Placid Club, Northwood School and One Press.
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Question - How long did Dew have worked as Secretary and Executive Officer of New York State University?

From 1888 to 1900, Davy served as Secretary and Executive Officer of New York State University.

Question - What is the name of the son of Melvil Dewey?

Godfrey Dewey

Question - when did Melvil Dewey die?

December 26, 1931 (age 80)

Lake Placid, Florida, USA

Question - Who is the father of library classification?

To Melvile Dewey

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